New Jersey Geography Trivia

Follow our everyday fact updates right here on New Jersey geography trivia. Being geographically divided into 21 counties, the state of New Jersey ranks 11th in terms of population. With Trenton as the capital, there are a total of 566 municipalities in the state. New Jersey counties quiz has a collection of intriguing questions and answers about the state’s geographical features, tourist attractions, and rivers. Sounds like an interesting New Jersey geography quiz, right?

Fascinating Facts about the Counties in New Jersey
Did you know why Passaic county is called the birthplace of television? Play our “counties in New Jersey'' quiz to know!
How Well Do You Know These Cape May Tourist Attractions?
Cape May is the best option to spend your vacation. Take our fun quiz to learn about Cape May, New Jersey.
History of Ocean City, NJ “Dry Town”
Alcohol should not be sold within the borders of Ocean City! Play our Ocean City, NJ dry town quiz to know why.
First Submarine Ride Facts to Know
Do you know that the first submarine ride was held in New Jersey on a river? Get to know more submarine fun facts with this trivia
Everything You Need to Know about Farms in New Jersey
Do you know how many farms there are in NJ? Play our fascinating trivia quiz to uncover the history of farms in New Jersey.
Can You Score 15/15 in This New Jersey Landmark Quiz?
If you want to learn about the landmarks of New Jersey, this New Jersey Landmark quiz is all you need. Play right away!
Can You Answer This New Jersey Ferry Terminal Quiz?
This fun quiz helps you explore fascinating facts about New Jersey Ferry terminals. Play right away and learn more!
Can You Pass Our Delaware Water Gap Quiz?
Play our Delaware water gap quiz and get to know about its formation and facts.
Can You Pass Our Challenging Boardwalks of New Jersey Quiz?
Are you ready for the Boardwalks of New Jersey quiz? Play our enjoyable New Jersey shore quiz to see how well you perform!
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