Can You Score 15/15 in Our New Jersey Explorers Quiz?

Eliza | 25 - 07 - 2021

Explorers play a major role in a country’s origin. Did you know how New Jersey was found? Many explorers from various countries set foot on the shores of New Jersey in different periods. But which New Jersey explorer first set foot on the shores of New Jersey? Play our New Jersey explorers quiz and discover the unknown facts about the New Jersey history timeline and Henry Hudson’s voyage timeline. From the first explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano to the last explorer Henry Hudson we have gathered all interesting facts about New Jersey explorers. Take our New Jersey explorers quiz now. 


1. Who Was the First Explorer in New Jersey?

2. When Did Explorers First Set Foot in New Jersey?

3. What Land Did Henry Hudson Discover?

4. Which Country Did Hudson Sail For?

5. Hudson was hired by _____

6. When Did Henry Hudson Make His First Voyage?

7. Who Found the New Jersey Colony?

8. How Long did it take Henry Hudson to Reach Great Britain?

9. Where Did New Jersey Get Its Name From?

10. Finns Were One of the First European Settlers in New Jersey

11. The Colonial History of New Jersey Started After___

12. In Which Year Did the New Jersey Colony Surrender to the British?

13. In Which Year Did East and West Jersey Combine into One Colony?

14. What Was the Name of Henry Hudson's Second Ship?

15. Henry Discovered the Hudson River on His ___Voyage