Get to Know about the Only U.S President from New Jersey

Emma | 27 - 06 - 2021

The Garden State is not only famous for producing cranberries, blueberries, and tomatoes but also for giving one of the best presidents of the United States, Grover Cleveland. He was the only President born in New Jersey and also the only President in U.S history to serve as President for two non-consecutive terms in office. From a teacher in a blind school to the U.S President he faced a lot of challenges. Grover Cleveland was famous for his unique political career. Play our U.S President from New Jersey to know more about the life journey of Grover Cleveland.  

1. Who Is the Only President Born in New Jersey?

2. How Old Was Grover Cleveland When He Was President?

3. Which President Served 2 Terms Not Consecutively?

4. What Number of the President Was Grover Cleveland?

5. Grover Cleveland’s Wife Was the Youngest First Lady

6. Grover Cleveland Was the Mayor of

7. In 1988, Cleveland Lost His Presidential Election to

8. Fitness Magazine Named Grover Cleveland as the Least-Healthiest President.

9. Cleveland's First Profession Was a Teacher.

10. Cleveland Cleared His State Bar Examination in

11. Grover Cleveland Fought in the American Civil War

12. When Was Grover Cleveland Born?

13. Where Did Grover Cleveland Live after His Retirement?

14. How Old Was Grover Cleveland When He Died?

15. Cleveland Sister Rose Elizabeth Was also the First Lady