Only Fans of Jersey Express Can Answer These Questions

Leia Smith | 19 - 01 - 2021

Are you a basketball quizzer? Our Jersey Express trivia has a collection of fun facts about the team, stats, history, and other interesting information. Apart from these, you can also participate in the Jersey Express quiz to know more about how and when the team was founded, the number of championships won, division titles, and so on. Learn everything about this American basketball team on our Triviasharp platform.

1. When Was the Jersey Express Founded?

2. Which of the Following Are the Official Colors of the Express?

3. How Many Championships Has the Jersey Express Won?

4. How Was the Jersey Express Previously Called?

5. Whom Did the Jersey Express Compete against in Its Inaugural Season?

6. Who Won the ABA Championship in the 2005-2006 Season?

7. Where Has the Jersey Express Been Relocated To?

8. Marsha Blount Is the Coach of the Express.

9. How Long Did Ron Moore Serve as the Coach for the Express?

10. When Was the American Basketball Association Started?

11. Who Was the Express’ First Coach Ever?

12. Which Newark Mayor Funded the Inaugural Season of the Jersey Express?

13. The Brooklyn Nets Was Initially Rooted in New Jersey.

14. During Which Season Was Ron Moore Hired as the Coach of the Jersey Express?

15. Key Player Aswan Morris Belonged to Which Minor League Team?