New Jersey Sports Trivia

Hockey, football, soccer, basketball, and baseball are some of the most popular sports discussed in Triviasharp’s New Jersey sports trivia. Our New Jersey sports quiz questions answer everything about the state’s official teams, championships won, and players. You can also learn more about the major professional sports leagues in the New Jersey sports trivia quiz. Team up with your pals and play our New Jersey sports quiz now!

Take A Ride With The New Jersey Devils Trivia
Known as the Kansas City Scouts, New Jersey Devils is a professional Ice Hockey team. Read and answer the New Jersey Devils Trivia.
Only Fans of Jersey Express Can Answer These Questions
Gear up for a fun sports quiz by playing our Jersey Express trivia. Become a pro quizzer with Jersey Express quiz.
How Well Do You Know the Somerset Patriots?
Did you know that the Patriots have won the most titles in Minor Baseball League? Play the Somerset Patriots quiz now!
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