The Ultimate Facts about Lancaster Barnstormers Quiz

Emma | 25 - 06 - 2021

The Lancaster Barnstormers are the American Professional football team based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This team not only represents the city of Lancaster but all of Lancaster country. The baseball fans waited for almost 44 years for the return of baseball in Lancaster since the end of Lancaster Red Roses in 1961. The name “Barnstormers” was selected by the people of Lancaster in a name-the-team-contest. The team is nicknamed “Stormers” and “The Barn.” Play on our quiz to know more about the Lancaster Barnstormers’ history. If you’re a true barnstormer try to score 15/15 in our facts about Lancaster Barnstormers quiz.  

1. When Were Lancaster Barnstormers Founded?

2. Who Founded Lancaster Barnstormers? Atlantic League

3. Who Is the Owner of the Lancaster Barnstormers?

4. Who Are the Lancaster Barnstormers Affiliated With?

5. Where Do the Lancaster Barnstormers Play?

6. Baseball Was First Introduced in Lancaster by Soldiers.

7. The First Professional Baseball Team in Lancaster Was

8. Name the Team Colors for Lancaster Barnstormers

9. Name the Mascot of Lancaster Barnstormers

10. What Does the Word “Barnstormer” Refer to

11. The Lancaster Barnstormers Logo Consists of Pennsylvania's Agricultural Heritage?

12. Who Designed the Mascot of Lancaster Barnstormers?

13. Who Hit the First-Ever Home Run for the Lancaster Barnstormers?

14. Who Was the First Team Manager of Lancaster Barnstormers?

15. Who Was the Radio Broadcaster for Lancaster Barnstormers?