Mind-Blowing Facts about Monmouth Hawks Men’s Basketball

Elmira | 11 - 07 - 2021

How well do you know the famous New Jersey’s basketball team? Challenge yourself with our engaging and informative trivia to test your sports knowledge. The Monmouth Hawks men’s basketball team is founded to represent Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey, United States. The Hawks compete in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. The team won against five power conference contestants including Notre, UCLA, USC, Georgetown and Rutgers. In this Monmouth Hawks men’s basketball trivia, we talked about the team’s stats, achievements, best players and important sports events. If you want to learn Monmouth Hawks men’s basketball facts, our latest quiz will make your learning easy and fun. Uncover these important facts about the Hawks to show off your knowledge with your friends and family.

1. Where Are the Monmouth Hawks From?

2. Monmouth Hawks Play for _________division.

3. When Was Monmouth Founded?

4. When Was the Stylized Hawk Featured on the Monmouth Hawks Logo?

5. Who Is the Head Coach of the Men’s Team of Monmouth University?

6. How Many Teams Were Sponsored by Monmouth University to Play under the Monmouth Hawks?

7. When Did the Hawks Become the Conference Tournament Champions?

8. Where Do the Teams Play Their Home Games?

9. Who Plays Forward in Monmouth Hawks Men’s Basketball?

10. When Was Myles Ruth Born?

11. Jack Holmstrom Has Scored Nearly 13 Points Each Game.

12. What Is Gob Gabriel's Position in the Team?

13. Deion Hammond's Position Is Forward in Every Game.

14. Donovan Toatley Scores 11.4 Points per Game.

15. When Was the Last Time the Hawks Took Part in the NCAA Tournament?