How Well Do You Know the Somerset Patriots?

Leia Smith | 15 - 01 - 2021

Are you a baseball fan? Test your knowledge by playing the Somerset Patriots quiz right here at Triviasharp. Know everything about the Patriots’ history, key players, and the championships won. Our Somerset trivia and quiz have the best collection of interesting facts about the team. Try answering the multiple choice questions given under the Somerset Patriots quiz today to prove that you are the best fan ever. 


1. The Somerset Patriots Team Is Based in _______________.

2. How Many Division Titles Have the Somerset Patriots Won?

3. How Many League Titles Have the Somerset Patriots Won?

4. Who Owns the Somerset Patriots?

5. Which of the Following Isn’t an Official Color of the Somerset Patriots?

6. What Are the Somerset Patriots Affiliated With?

7. TD Bank Ballpark Is the Official Arena of the Somerset Patriots.

8. How Many Professional Teams Play for the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball?

9. Which Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Team Has Won the Most Championships?

10. How Many Times Have the Somerset Patriots Appeared in the Playoffs?

11. How Many Players from the Somerset Patriots Have Made It to Major League Baseball?

12. The New York Yankees Select the Players for the Somerset Patriots.

13. Who Is the Mascot of the Somerset Patriots?

14. Who Does the “Hit a Home Run” Program Target?

15. Which Former Somerset Patriots Player Returned as Coach in 2020?