Fascinating Facts about the Counties in New Jersey

Eliza | 15 - 07 - 2021

New Jersey is one of the old states in the U.S and it has existed from colonial times. New Jersey counties went through a lot of changes over time. During the Province of New Jersey (1664-1673), no counties were formed. Later it was divided into East and West Jersey in the 1673-1702 Province and was surrendered to Queen Anne on April 17, 1702. In the Province of New Jersey Counties, the state of New Jersey entered as the third state with 13 counties on December 18, 1787. The state later added 8 more counties between 1824 to 1857 and made it a total of 21 counties. Play our historical “New Jersey counties and cities” quiz to know more about counties in New Jersey 

1. How Many Counties Are There in NJ?

2. What Is the Largest County in New Jersey?

3. Bergen Is One of the Original Counties of New Jersey

4. What Is the Most Populated County in New Jersey?

5. What Is the Least Populated County in New Jersey?

6. Which Is the Smallest County in New Jersey?

7. Hudson Is the Third-Most Populated County in the United States.

8. Which County Is Called the Heart of New Jersey?

9. Which County Is the Home of the Tuckerton Seaport?

10. Which Is the Wealthiest County in New Jersey?

11. Which County in NJ Is Called the Birthplace of Television?

12. Which Place in NJ Was Once Called the Oyster Capital of the World?

13. Which of the Following counties Was Named after the Governor?

14. Which County Is Called the Roof Garden of Pennsylvania?

15. Which Is the Oldest City in NJ?