Can You Pass Our Delaware Water Gap Quiz?

Emma | 11 - 01 - 2021

The Delaware water gap is one of the most beautiful and peculiar places in New Jersey. The Delaware water gap not only attracts people with its scenic beauty but it’s also famous for its outdoor activities. From gap origin, waterfalls, and outdoor activities we have clubbed all interesting questions about the Delaware water gap. With no further delay play our Delaware water gap quiz.

1. Water Gap Is a ________feature Where a River Cuts through a Mountain Ridge.

2. How Many Miles Is the Delaware Water Gap?

3. The Delaware River Is the Largest Free-Flowing River in the World?

4. Name the Earliest Inhabitant in Delaware Water Gap

5. Delaware Park Was Established in the Year?

6. The Gap Is Called as “the Most _______ in the United States”

7. The Number of Visitors to the Delaware Water Gap Amounted approximately_______in 2019?

8. Delaware Water Park has_____ Miles of Hiking Trails

9. Delaware Water Gap Has One of the Tallest Waterfalls in New Jersey. Can You Guess Its Name?

10. When Did George Washington Cross the Delaware River?

11. Water Gap Is a ________feature Where a River Cuts through a Mountain Ridge.

12. Name the Botanist Who Followed the Course of Delaware River

13. _________ Trail Leads to an Extraordinary View into the Delaware Water Gap

14. Delaware River Cuts through a Large Ridge of ________ Mountain

15. The Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area Is ______ Acres