First Submarine Ride Facts to Know

Ashley | 05 - 07 - 2021

Do you know that more than 500 people have been to space but only 3 people have been to the deepest part of the ocean? The first submarine is as special as the first rocket launch. 

Scientists have little to no clue about several ocean mysteries and several hidden details yet to be discovered. The first submarine ride on the river site was the beginning of ocean studies, the most historic underwater bombing and the reason that toppled the economies of numerous countries during the World Wars. 

This first submarine ride in New Jersey is one of the reasons why it’s called the keystone state of America. Play this quiz to uncover the facts about the first submarine ride in the Passaic River now!

1. What Was the First Submarine Ever Made?

2. When Was the First Submarine Used?

3. Who Invented Submarines First?

4. When Was the First Submarine Tested?

5. Which NJ River Was the Site of the First Submarine Ride?

6. Who Invented the First US Submarine?

7. Where Was the Official First Submarine Ride?

8. Where Was USS Holland Built?

9. What's the Largest Submarine in the World?

10. What Is the Oldest Submarine in Service?

11. How Many Classes of Submarines Are There?

12. How Many Submarines Does the US Have?

13. How Many Submarines Has the U.S. Lost?

14. The US Submarines Have Sunk _____ Vessels in World War 2

15. Can a Civilian Own a Submarine?