Can You Score 15/15 in This New Jersey Landmark Quiz?

Ashley | 23 - 01 - 2021

If you are planning your vacation to New Jersey this summer, you are at the perfect place. Take up our National Historic Landmarks of New Jersey quiz once and you will gain utmost knowledge about most of the famous landmarks and tourist attractions in New Jersey. Our New Jersey landmark quiz questions are well-curated with accurate information in a fun and interesting way. Give a try playing our quiz before your trip as you can greatly develop your general knowledge.

1. When Was the All Saint’s Memorial Church Built?

2. Where Is the Albert Einstein House Located?

3. Which of the Following Was Founded by the Sisters of Mercy?

4. Which of the Following Is New Jersey’s Tallest Lighthouse?

5. How Long Does Elias Boudinot Live in the Boxwood Hall State Historic Site?

6. When Was the Hermitage Added to the National Register of Historic Places?

7. Which of the below Is the Oldest House in Trenton, Mercer County?

8. Which of the Following below Was Originally Called ‘New York Lighthouse’?

9. In Which Year Did the Us Postal Service Issue a 27 Cent Stamp Featuring the Sandy Hook Lighthouse?

10. Who Was Hired to Manage the Ironmaking Operating at Ringwood?

11. Which of the Following Is Called ‘a Town for the Motorage’?

12. Which of the Following Is the Birthplace of Alice Paul?

13. The Old Barracks Museum Is the Last of Twelve Such Barracks Authorized by the Colonial Legislature in 1758.

14. Which of the Following Is the Oldest Building at Princeton University, Princeton?

15. Which of the Following Is the Oldest Surviving Tourist Attraction in America?