Put your knowledge to test with our Battle of Princeton quiz

Eliza | 25 - 01 - 2021

Can You Answer Our Battle of Princeton quiz?

The Battle of Princeton is one of the most significant battles in the history of the American Revolution. George Washington played a major role and won the battle which gave confidence to his soldiers and the people of America. Discover the unknown and interesting facts that happened in the Battle of Princeton. If you’re a person who loves history, then you should definitely play our Battle of Princeton quiz. Why wait? Play now and see where you stand. 

1. When Did the Battle of Princeton Happen?

2. Who Sent the Troops to Guard the Delaware River?

3. Lord Cornwallis Left His Troop Consisting 1400 Members under the Command of Lieutenant colonel__________

4. When Did Washington Cross the Delaware River?

5. How Many British Troops Do Cornwallis Gather?

6. When Did George Washington Plan to Surprise Attack the British Army?

7. Who Won the Battle of Princeton?

8. Whose Portrait That Was Hung in the Chapel Was Replaced with a Portrait of Lord Washington?

9. 7000 American Armies Were against ______ British and Hessians

10. How Many Hessian Soldiers Did Washington Capture in the “10 Crucial Days”?

11. Who Received a Message from “Very Intelligent Young Gentleman in the Battle of Princeton”

12. Name the Highest-Ranked Officer Who Was Killed during the Battle?

13. Who Won the Battle of Princeton?

14. Who Shouted,“It’s a Fine Fox Chase My Boys”?

15. Who Brought Three Cannons and Blasted Them Away at the Building?

16. Who rode into battle with springer spaniels?