Can you pass this New York Mets Quiz?

Elmira | 19 - 03 - 2021

Every baseball player is well-known about the New York Mets. You may know that the Mets are a renowned American professional baseball team located in Queens, Flushing, and New York. Do you know how many World Series they won? This fascinating New York Mets quiz allows you to learn about outstanding pitchers like Bartolo Colon, their achievement in MLB and the meaning of Mets and more. Take this New York Mets Trivia quizzes to put your sports knowledge to the test. Uncover more informative facts about Mets, their logos hidden meaning, Jerry Koosman, their theme song, the most important sports events, score, and most prominent players of the team. NY Mets trivia questions and answers are the best option to compete with your baseball fan friends. You can challenge them by sharing these New York Mets quizzes online for free!

1. How Many World Series Have the New York Mets Won?

2. When Were the New York Mets Founded?

3. Who Hit the First Home Run in Mets History?

4. What Does Mets Stand For?

5. Who Is the Highest-Paid Mets Player?

6. Which Player from the New York Mets Once Guest-Starred on TV's

7. How Many NY Mets Are in the Hall of Fame?

8. Who Has the Most Home Runs in Mets History?

9. How Much Does It Cost to Buy the NY Mets?

10. What Retired Baseball Player Is Still Getting Paid?

11. Who Has More Fans, Yankees, or Mets?

12. Who Is Nicknamed “Big Sexy”?

13. Is Jerry Koosman in the Hall of Fame?

14. Can You Guess the New York Mets Theme Song?

15. Where Did the Mets Play before Shea Stadium?