New York Sports Trivia

Whether you are into baseball, hockey, football, or soccer, New York State boasts all professional teams! Here at New York sports trivia questions, you can find key information on your favorite sports team and players. Take our New York Sports trivia quiz and test your knowledge! Don't miss out on the long and distinguished history of the famous teams!

Fanatics Alone Can Win This NY Giants Trivia
How well do you know the Giants? Take this NY Giants trivia to see how good a fan you are and gain 360-degree info on the team.
Can you pass this New York Mets Quiz?
Test your knowledge of baseball by participating in this New York Mets quiz and see where you stand!
Only a True Yankee Fan Can Pass This New York Yankee Quiz
Get to know about the most successful franchise in the baseball world, the New York Yankees, through our New York Yankees quiz.
All about the New York Knicks Quiz!
Did you know how New York Knicks got their name? Play our New York Knicks quiz to learn more about this famous team.
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