Only a True Yankee Fan Can Pass This New York Yankee Quiz

Iris | 17 - 03 - 2021

The New York Yankees are the most successful franchise in the entire baseball history and the victorious sports team ever. The Yankees were founded as New York Highlanders first, and then they later became the New York Yankees. Get to know about the highlanders through our New York Yankees Trivia. If you are a huge fan of New York Yankees, then play our New York Yankees quiz and New York Yankees question and answers.

1. What Was the Original Name of the NY Yankees Franchise?

2. How Many Titles Do the Yankees Have?

3. When Were the New York Yankees Founded?

4. When Did the Yankees Move to New York?

5. New York Yankees World Series Appearances was totally 27.

6. Where Do the New York Yankees Play?

7. Who Currently Owns the New York Yankees?

8. Which of These Yankees Compiled 3,000 Hits in Their Career?

9. This Yankees Catcher Was Tragically Killed in a Plane Crash in 1979.

10. Who Holds the Record for Most Home Runs in a Single Season of Yankee Team?

11. How Many Games Did Joe Dimaggio's Record Hit Streak Last in 1941?

12. Who Beat the Yankees in the 1981 World Series?

13. Who Is the Yankees' All-Time Leader in Home Runs?

14. In Which Division Do the New York Yankees Play?

15. Joe Torre Became the Manager of the Yankees in the Year 1996.