How Well Do You Know the Liberty Bell in Allentown?

Elmira | 19 - 06 - 2021

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of American independence(freedom). On July 8, 1776, it was rung while the Declaration of Independence was read. This bell was cast in England in 1751 and shifted to Philadelphia in August 1752. The Bell was once known as the Pennsylvania State House bell. Participate in our engaging and informative quiz to learn more about Allentown where America’s most famous symbol of freedom was kept hidden. How did the bell crack? Where was the Liberty Bell hidden from the British? Get all your questions answered with our Liberty Bell shrine quiz. Learn more about the fascinating rescue mission in American history with our latest Liberty Bell in Allentown quiz.

1. Where Was the Liberty Bell Hidden in Allentown?

2. When Was the Liberty Bell Kept in Allentown?

3. When Was the Liberty Bell Built?

4. When Was the Liberty Bell Moved to Allentown?

5. When Did the Liberty Bell Crack?

6. How Many Liberty Bell Replicas Are There?

7. What Caused the Original Liberty Bell to Crack?

8. Why Did They Hide the Liberty Bell?

9. How Old Is the Liberty Bell?

10. What Does the Liberty Bell Symbolize?

11. The Liberty Bell Was Returned to Philadelphia in June 1778.

12. How Long Did the Liberty Bell Keep Hidden in Allentown?

13. Where Is the Liberty Bell Located Today?

14. How Many Liberty Bells Are There in the US?

15. Who Misspelled Pennsylvania on Liberty Bell?