Pennsylvania History Trivia

Are you up for some Pennsylvania history trivia? We provide the most interesting historical facts about Original Colony, Liberty Bell, its participation in the American Civil War, and more. Read more historical facts and take a fun Pennsylvania history quiz online. Want to test how knowledgeable you are, play Pennsylvania history trivia questions now. Take a fun Pennsylvania history trivia to expand your knowledge. Pennsylvania history quizzes will make learning easy.

How Well Do You Know the Liberty Bell in Allentown?
Why did the Liberty Bell keep hidden in Allentown? Take our informative quiz on ‘liberty bell in Allentown’ to expand your knowledge.
Can you score 15/15 in our Pennsylvania civil war battles quiz?
Did you know? Women also participated in the Battle of Gettysburg. Know more about Pennsylvania civil war battles.
Top Famous Buildings in Philadelphia
Did you know? Eastern state penitentiary is the world's first true prison. Play our quiz to discover more famous buildings in Philadelphia.
Was Philadelphia the Capital of the U.S?
Was Philadelphia the Capital of the US? Play this infotainment quiz for more details on the mind-boggling history of the U.S.
15 Facts about Willam Penn, Pennsylvania Quakers, and the Colonial Government
Discover fascinating facts about Willaim Penn, the leader of the Pennsylvania Quaker Colony and the colonial government
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