Top Famous Buildings in Philadelphia

Emma | 15 - 06 - 2021

The city of brotherly love is not only known for its world-famous cheesesteaks but also its marvelous architecture. After the arrival of the first settlers in the 17th century, Philadelphia has seen various evolutions in architecture. Philadelphia architecture is a blend of historic and modern architecture. Many famous buildings in Philadelphia are the greatest examples of Victorian architecture and postmodern architecture. We’ve clubbed the must-see famous building in Philadelphia. Play our quiz and know more about Philadelphia architecture and architects. 

1. Which Postmodern Architecture Building Is Also Called “My Mother’s House”?

2. The Vanna Venturi House Is the First Post-Modern House in America

3. What Type of Architecture Is in Philadelphia?

4. What Is Pennsylvania's Most Unique Building?

5. Whose Statue Is on Top Of the Building in Philadelphia?

6. The Philadelphia Museum of the Art Building Was Established in the Year?

7. Name the Last Remaining Grand Stations in Philadelphia?

8. When Was the Fisher Fine Arts Library Built?

9. Boathouse Row Was Built in the Year

10. John Wanamaker Department Store Was One of the First Department Stores in the U.S?

11. In Which Historic Building Does the U.S Declare Its Independence?

12. Name the Building Which Has the Statue of William Penn

13. The Paul Peck Alumni Center Was Designed by

14. Name the Former American Prison in Philadelphia

15. The Philadelphia History Museum Was Designed by the Wilson Brothers