Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Trends for 2020

Leia Smith | 02 - 24 - 2020
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Trends for 2020

Technology has advanced in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago. Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and extended reality (XR) are some of today’s most high-tech innovations that have changed the way we look at things. These technologies offer a whole new perspective in various fields such as education, training, gaming, medicine, etc.


Augmented Reality introduces digital objects into the user’s real-world environment through his smartphone. Thomas Caudell, a researcher at Boeing, was the first to coin to term Augmented Reality in the year 1990. 


Virtual Reality, on the other hand, immerses you in a completely imaginary computer-generated environment teleporting you from reality. Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull were the first to practically implement virtual reality through a head-mounted device. 

1. What Does MR Stand For?
  • A. Multimedia Reality
  • B. Messaging Reality
  • C. Mixed Reality
  • D. Mass Reality

Important Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends of 2020

1. Gaming


Gaming is the first thing that comes to our mind while discussing technologies such as AR and VR. The sales of XBOX with virtual reality headsets took the user experience to a whole new level making it far better from that of a regular video game. Similarly, Pokemon Go is one game the world went crazy over. Using your smartphone to track Pokemon characters is based on AR. 

2. Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia Messaging

Not sure if Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy knew back then that their AR-based app could make millions and become a huge hit within days of its launch. The multimedia messaging app uses augmented reality through its dog, flower crown, rosy cheeks, puking rainbow, and several other filters the world has become addicted to. 

3. Medical Field

Medical Field

Implementation of virtual reality in the field of medicine is probably one of the best advancements to have ever happened. From treating chronic pain to 3D surgical studies, VR has helped improve the quality of treatment in several ways.

4. Training & Simulation 

Training & Simulation

Augmented reality and virtual reality have indeed given new dimensions to learning. Flight simulators are the best examples that make use of these advanced technologies. It is also interesting to note that the US army uses Microsoft’s HoloLens for training and simulation.  

5. Automobile


Augmented reality plays a major role in improving the safety of car users by minimizing the chances of accidents. A company named Navion is the first one to launch an AR-based navigation system for cars.

The Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Though augmented reality and virtual reality technologies haven’t reached the commercial market in a big way, the days are not far before they are implemented in almost every other field.

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