Weird Dress Code Rules around the World

Emma | 06 - 06 - 2023
Weird Dress Code Rules Around the World

Many countries have certain dress codes in place. And they may seem “weird” to many people. Yet, the citizens of those countries must follow these dress codes strictly. If you are planning to visit a country with many rules and regulations regarding dress codes, you must be very careful and stick to them. It is a way of giving respect to the local culture and traditions. In some countries, not following dress codes is a punishable offense. So, ensure that you adhere to these dress codes to avoid paying hefty court fines! 

Now, let’s look at some of those “weird” dress code rules.

Unique Clothing Restrictions in Saudi Arabia

Cross-dressing is illegal in Saudi Arabia. So is baring the skin (for women). Women cannot wear crop tops, short dresses, or sleeveless shirts. 

North Korea is a conservative country.
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Strange Attire Rules in North Korea

North Korea is a conservative country, so the dress codes are pretty strict. Women are not permitted to wear trousers. Trousers are not allowed in Sudan too.

Quirky Clothing Regulations in Bhutan

Bhutan is deep-rooted in many traditions. So, there’s a national dress code for women, called the “Kira.” If you are planning to visit Bhutan, do not carry any body-revealing clothes!

Interesting Clothing Restrictions in Thailand

There are specific dress codes for the locals and tourists who visit the Thai temples. Shoulders need to be covered, and dresses (or pants) covering the ankles are only permitted. And, avoid wearing shoes when you are at a temple. There are no dress rules in other places in Thailand. But, people take first appearances pretty seriously. So, if you wish to make a good first impression and be treated with respect, stick to the modest dress code. 

Fascinating Fashion Expectations in Egypt

In Egypt, sticking to the two Cs is ideal. Are you wondering what those two Cs are? They are “Cool” and “Conservative.” Women need to dress modestly and more conservatively than men, just as in many other cultures. Covering up the shoulders and wearing dresses that are below the knees will be perfect.

Unusual Dress Code in France

France prohibits its citizens from covering their faces completely. For instance, they cannot wear burqas, scarves, or motorcycle helmets. 

Strange Dress Codes in Other Countries

In Greece, you can never wear heels in ancient historic sites, such as the Acropolis and Delphi. Yes, there’s a reason behind this dress code. High heels may cause damage to old monuments, and that’s the reason why women are not allowed to wear them. So, make sure you remove your heels (if you are wearing them) before entering any ancient monument in this country. 

Uganda doesn’t permit its women to wear miniskirts. And, if at all you take off to Barbados, refrain from wearing camouflage clothes, which are permitted for only members of the army. 

In Maldives, any revealing swimwear is taboo. However, western-style swimwear can be worn on bikini beaches. These are allowed in resorts too. 

So, we have now reached the end of the list of interesting clothing restrictions in Thailand and other countries. Although some of them may seem weird or strange, it’s wise to stick to them.

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