Weird Facts- 8 Surprising Facts of the Respiratory System

Ashley | 03 - 27 - 2020
Weird Facts- 8 Surprising Facts of the Respiratory System

Respiratory System Definition:

The respiratory system consists of specific organs that are responsible for the gas exchange in plants and animals. So, what are respiratory system parts and functions? In mammals and reptiles, gas exchange occurs in the lungs in small air sacs called alveoli. Our lungs carry out this exchange of gas when we breathe. During the process of breathing, it brings oxygen from the air into the lungs and pumps oxygen-rich blood to all cells and organs in the body that allow us to walk, run, and move. Then carbon dioxide is collected by the blood and transported back to the lungs. It is released out into the air when we exhale.

Here Are Some Surprising Facts about the Respiratory System:

  • Lungs are considered one of the largest organs in the body. A human has around 300 million bronchi that could cover an area of about 180 sq.meters whereas a tennis court has an area of 195 sq. meters. The surface area of the lungs would be roughly the size of a tennis court when it is unfolded and expanded out to its fullest.
  • When you exhale, you also breathe out some water. Humans exhale around 17.5 milliliters of water per hour. In another study, it is found that you lose about four times that amount when you exercise.
  • In general, the human nose has four stages of filtration. When we breathe through the nose the hairs inside the nose help in filtering the dust particles from entering into your nose. But when we breathe through the mouth, the air directly gets to the 4th stage. It might result in tonsillitis and sore throat.
  • Humans can live with one lung. It might limit some of your physical activities but you can lead a normal life. In fact, many people in the world are leading a happy life with one lung.
  • In humans, the left lung is always smaller than the right lung because the left lung has only two lobes while the right lung has three lobes. The human heart is located on the left side. The left lung which has only two lobes makes room for the heart and hence it is smaller than the right lung.
  • The air we breathe contains only 21 percent of oxygen, but our bodies only use about 5 percent. The rest of the oxygen is exhaled.
  • Children and women breathe faster than men.
  • You may not have noticed it but you are always breathing more heavily through one nostril than the other. A system called the autonomic nervous system controls your ‘nasal cycle’. This cycle happens many times a day making the sides switch during the day.

These are some interesting things about the respiratory system

1. The Human Respiratory Tract Is Divided into How Many Parts?
  • A. 2
  • B. 3
  • C. 4
  • D. 5
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