Weird Laws in Colorado That Make No Sense

Elmira | 07 - 02 - 2021
Weird Laws in Colorado

Colorado is home to many weird laws. Before you plan to visit Centennial State, you should learn these unexplainable and stupid laws in Colorado. Some of these funny laws in Colorado are outdated and some laws are new but absurd.

These stupid Colorado laws seem like April fool’s jokes but they were written in the book. Most of them were created for particular reasons and some of them may not be practised.

Crazy Laws in Colorado That Will Make You Laugh

Which Colorado County has Forbidden Kissing a Woman While She Sleeps?
  • A. Douglas
  • B. Logan
  • C. Adams
  • D. Denver

We have rounded up some of the stupid laws in Colorado that will leave you scratching your head. Let’s have a look.

1.In Pueblo, It Is Illegal to Grow Dandelions and Other Weeds

Pueblo doesn’t permit dandelions to grow within the city limits. Other weeds including leafy spurge, Russian knapweed, Canada thistle and bindweed are not authorised to grow.

2.It Is Prohibited to Sell a Car in Colorado on Sundays

If you are planning to buy a car on Sunday then you are out of luck. Colorado doesn’t support the sales of automobiles on Sundays.

3.It Is Illegal to Ride a Horse When You Are Drunk

It seems like Colorado created the same vehicle rule for horse riders. Horses are known as non-motorized vehicles. You are prohibited to saddle up while intoxicated. This law was put to test when Boulder Police caught an intoxicated horse rider for “stumbling into Boulder traffic” in 2013. This law was introduced to protect animals from stupid people.

4.It Is against the Law to Throw Missiles at Cars

A missile is known as an object that is violently thrown at the target by hand or from an automatic weapon. Throwing a missile can damage a moving vehicle or property. 

5.It’s Illegal to Mutilate a Rock in a State Park, Colorada

Another crazy law in Colorado is that you are not authorized to mutilate or mar rocks in any state park.

6.It Is Unlawful to Drive a Black Car on Sunday in Denver

It is such an outdated law. It is strictly against the law to drive a black car, particularly in Denver on Sundays.

7.You Are Not Allowed to Fire Catapults in Aspen

If you ever visit Aspen, you should keep in mind that it is illegal to launch things at someone’s property through catapults or blowguns, slingshots, and old fashioned snowball fights. This law was introduced to protect local residents and visitors.

8.Lending Your Vacuum Cleaner Could Send You to Jail

You may go to jail if you lend your vacuum cleaner to your next neighbour in Denver.

9.It Is Punishable If You Kiss a Woman

It is prohibited to kiss a woman while she sleeps in Logan County.

10.Residents May Not Allowed to Own Chickens

Residents in Louisville are forbidden to own chickens but they are permitted to own three turkeys.

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