Weird Laws in North Carolina That Are Broken Every Day

Julia | 08 - 31 - 2021
weird laws in North Carolina

Every state has its own laws and unusual regulations, but weird North Carolina laws seem to bag the first price. North Carolina state laws are weirder, but somehow they managed to stay in their place for all these years. Most people in the state are still not aware of these weird laws as they are not enforced. If you are interested in knowing the crazy laws in NC, then play our quirky quiz to know more.

Strange Laws in North Carolina

When compared to states like New Jersey, Ohio, and Alaska with outdated laws, North Carolina is no exception. North Carolina is not only famous for its smoky mountain parks and barbeque, it is also famous for its crazy and dumb laws. 

  • It is illegal to walk on the top of the city water tank.
  • It is illegal to throw rocks on the street. 
  • It is illegal to use rollerblades on state highways.
  • It is illegal for unmarried couples to have an intimate relationship in a hotel room.
  • It is illegal to rollerblade in the sun. 
  • You are not allowed to drive on sidewalks. 
  • You are not allowed to borrow your neighbor’s dog.
  • You are not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages during the bingo games.
  • You are not allowed to steal kitchen grease.
  • You are not allowed to sing off-key.
  • You are prohibited from riding your bike without using both hands.  
  • You are prohibited from holding a meeting with your mask on. 
  • You are prohibited from trading with a professional psychic or fortune teller. 
  • You are prohibited from using elephants to plow the cotton fields. 
  • You are prohibited from visiting the dead after midnight.

Crazy Laws in NC That No One Knows About

  • Happy Hour 

Happy hours are illegal in North Carolina. It is the only state where the alcohol is controlled by ABC and other 160 local board members.

Is It Illegal to Rollerblade in the Sun in North Carolina?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No
  • DWI on Horse 

In North Carolina, you cannot get a DWI while driving the horse-down carriage or riding a horse.

  • Costumes and board Members 

If you are about to attend a meeting in North Carolina, make sure to leave your costume at home.

  • Bingo Game 

Bingo is the favorite pass-time game among the people of Carolina, but you can’t exceed your bingo game for more than four to five hours. 

  • No professional Psychics

Have you always dreamed of looking into the future? If yes, then don’t become a professional psychic in North Carolina.

These laws may sound strange, but every law has its own history. If you break them, then you will get into trouble.


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