Yes, a Cockroach Can Live without Its Head

Ashley | 09 - 12 - 2021
Cockroach Live without Its Head

 know how terrifying flying cockroaches are but a cockroach can live without its head for weeks. Gross and terrifying but let’s see the science behind it for now. 

How Do Cockroaches Breathe?

Unlike humans, cockroaches don’t have a complex respiratory system. They have a 13 chambered heart. Their skin is linked to these 13 air tubes or chambers. These chambers open up to suck in air when the carbon dioxide level in the insect’s body rises. 

A cockroach heart is located on the dorsal side with ten chambers on the abdomen and three on the thoracic cavity. Since their heart arises from nerve endings, cockroaches are said to have neurogenic hearts.

How Long Can a Cockroach Live without Its Head?
  • A. Few Days
  • B. Few Weeks
  • C. Few Months
  • D. Few Years

How Long Can Roaches Live without Oxygen?

No matter how disgusting they look and smell, cockroaches have a disaster-proof body. The average household cockroaches can survive for a month without water, three without food, and the ability to hold their breath from 40-45 minutes underwater. Do you know that cockroaches have been around since the Pangaea and Panthalassa period 300 million years ago

Cockroaches don’t pee but only poop through Malpighian tubules located on the posterior end of the insect. Their excretions contain high nitrogen and other bacterias, given their usual diet.

Cockroach Survival

Though the average house cockroach can live anywhere between 20-30 weeks, headless cockroaches can live for weeks. Since we have already established their respiratory system, let’s jump straight into the facts. Researchers say that predators, mold, viruses, and bacterial infections are the top reasons behind the death of headless cockroaches.  

Cockroaches are cold-blooded animals with white blood along with invincible healing abilities. Thus, a severed roaches’ body will seal off immediately, unlike humans who bleed to death. While the body can survive on its own without any external help for weeks, the head needs to be refrigerated and given sufficient nutrients to survive. 

Contrary to popular belief, a headless cockroach can feel touch, stand, and move around during its remaining lifespan.

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Cockroach Brain

Not only cockroaches, but most insects also don’t need a brain to survive because each of their cells has nerve tissue agglomerations known as ganglia clumps. Ganglia are capable of developing sensory organs enough to perform survival operations. The fascinating thing about these insects is, their bodies are more important than their brains. 

Therefore, a severed cockroach brain has more chances to survive a nuclear war than us humans. Go-Team Cockroach!

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