Weird Maryland Laws That’ll Shock You

Ashley | 11 - 11 - 2021
Weird Maryland Laws

Before we jump into the weird Maryland laws. Let’s see a few facts about the state the U.S. national anthem was written in. 

Maryland Facts

MD’s first settlers were natives and it became a British colony in 1634. It was named after Queen Henrietta Maria of England. It is famous for its ports, Baltimore city, Chesapeake bay, and blue crabs.

Crazy Laws in Maryland

Are you ready for some stupid laws in Maryland? Let’s go!

What Is Illegal in Maryland?
  • A. Eating While Swimming
  • B. Drinking While Swimming
  • C. Doing a Back Lap
  • D. All of the Above

What to know before you visit Baltimore?

You cannot take your pet lion to the movies at any cost in Baltimore, Maryland. So make sure you book your tickets out of Baltimore. Do not, I repeat, do not begin your fortune telling business here. You will be fined and jailed for doing so. If you are thinking about scrubbing the sink then think again because it is illegal in Baltimore. Never sell chickens or ducklings just after Easter if you don’t want to be fined.


Don’t swear within city limits, don’t curse on the highway, never yell profanities in a park, what they are trying to say is, don’t use dirty words at all. Always spit on the road, leave the sidewalks alone. While 25 is the normal limit, you can get upto 30 interrogatories in MD.

Weird Maryland Laws

Other cities are no less than Baltimore. Do you know that you can be jailed for possessing drugs other than marijuana? Here are a few weird MD laws that you should definitely know before visiting. 


MD tourism thrives on the ocean. Therefore, there are some pretty tight laws like you cannot eat while you swim. Men should never go topless on the ocean city boardwalk. Never mistreat oysters, they are pretty sacred. Always go for a swim in the ocean, public fountains are off limits.   


Following, parks are another breeding ground for strange Maryland laws. You can be fined for wearing a sleeveless top inside parks. Never throw stones or anything that could potentially harm people inside a park. Don’t loiter around parks if you are a tramp or vagrant. 

Strange Maryland Laws

Apart from swearing, ocean, and park laws, Maryland is also home to some bizarre laws about living in general. Here are a few laws that will make you rethink shifting to Maryland.

Marriage and Drinking 

Wives should never snoop around their husband’s pockets and wallets while he is sleeping. ‘What is yours is mine’ rule doesn’t apply in Maryland.  Taking or giving oral sex is a criminal offense (This rule includes animals too). You cannot kiss someone for more than one second in public. If you are a man, never accept a drink from a female bartender at any cost. Always have a male bartender serve you. Condoms can be sold through vending machines near establishments that sell alcoholic liquor only.

Men and Women

If you ever fall for your first cousin, pack your bags and go to Maryland where it is legal to marry them. Teenage girls can get married after 15 if their parents agree or if she is pregnant or given birth. Men, please don’t plant thistles in your yard nor throw hay bales out of your window from the second floor. If you are an alcoholic beverage writer, get your certification done right to get 3 bottles of sample. 

Though most of these laws haven’t been enforced for centuries, be ready to lawyer up if you decide to break them. Now gear up for a quiz.


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