Weird Montana Laws

Ashley | 11 - 26 - 2021

These weird Montana laws will send you bonkers thinking about the mindset of lawmakers who introduced and approved these laws in the first place. Play an entertaining quiz to find out whether you got them right immediately. 

Weird Montana Laws

Animal Abuse

Never ever pretend to abuse an animal in front of anybody, especially children.  If you are planning to direct a herd of sheep towards a railroad with the intention to harm the sheep or train, think again. Sheep need a chaperone to be driven in trucks across the state.

Can Married Women Go Fishing Alone on Sundays in Montana
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

The movie Ratatouille spiked the sale of pet rats but it is illegal in Montana to have rats as pets.  

Women and Montana

Weird laws are impartial towards women and dumb laws in Montana top the list. You will be baffled to know that married women are not allowed to go fishing on Sundays in Montana alone. For unmarried folks, it’s an all-week ban on fishing alone.

Wives in Montana please control the urge to go over your husband’s mails because it is illegal in your state to do so.

Stupid Laws in Montana

Snoozer Loser

Nobody uses an alarm nowadays but this law is pretty solid. It is illegal to set more than one alarm clock to ring at the same time. 

Off the Streets

In Helena, Montana you cannot throw stuff across the street! Make sure you cross the street to hand over that forgotten wallet to people.

Crime Movies

You cannot depict heinous crimes in Montana. You could have banned crime movies instead of beating around the bush. 

Strange Laws in Montana

Unlike Virginia, Montana allows unmarried people to have sexual intercourse but only in missionary. Other positions are off-limits. You will be regarded as a criminal and charged under ‘crime against family’ if you plan to become a prostitute. Society is not bothered about your choices though. 

Weird Laws in Montana

  1. In Montana, you should never leave the stage mid-performance, even if it’s for crowd interaction in places where alcohol is served. This rule applies to any location.
  2. Playing the weird game of Flof, where golf balls are thrown like a disc, is illegal after nightfall in any place other than a Flof course in Helena.
  3. If you use rotating water sprinklers to annoy neighbors and strangers, you can be jailed.

Crazy Laws in Montana

Let’s Play Pool!

You wouldn’t believe this weird law in Montana. According to the Kalispell law, any establishment that houses a billiards table should place it in such a way that passersby can have a clear view of it from the streets. 


It is illegal to enter city council proceedings possessing materials of destruction like bombs and rockets. Does this mean we can take them anywhere else without being arrested? Now that your dose of Montana weird laws are over, let’s jump straight into the quiz.

Possessing a b-b gun, a beanie, spring gun, slingshot, pea shooter, or any toy designed for projecting missiles of any kind cannot be carried within the city.

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