What Are Fortune Cookies Made Of? Flour or Magic?

Ashley | 11 - 23 - 2021
What Are Fortune Cookies Made Of

What are fortune cookies made of? You are culinarily right if you say flour, sugar, vanilla, oil, and paper. You are wholly right only if you say they are magical too. But how did they become so popular and fortunate? Let’s find out.

How Are Fortune Cookies Made?

Fortune cookies are made of flour, sugar, vanilla essence, and oil. The batter is shaped into thin flat circles and baked. Small slips of paper printed with mind-blowing fortunes are placed inside and rolled when they are slightly hot. The cookies then cool down into crispy cones. 

Who Invented Fortune Cookies?

The cookies were invented in 1918 by David Jung. Jung was the founder of the Hong Kong Noodle Company in Los Angeles. The cookies were given to poor people who roamed around his shop. He passed around the cookies for free with sweet messages inside. 

What Culture Is Fortune Cookies?
  • A. Chinese
  • B. Japanese
  • C. Korean
  • D. Asian

Where Are Fortune Cookies From?

They came from Japan. Though the origin is unclear, Japanese immigrants in the United States introduced the Chinese tradition where they passed around strips of paper in temples with fortune sayings. The Japanese called this tradition Omikuji. David Jung, the Chinese immigrant, was the first to make it a trend in the US.

When Were Fortune Cookies Invented?

The famous Chinese takeout special spread across the nation from San Francisco. These were invented by a Japanese baker named Makoto Hagiwara in 1914, who wrote Japanese saying inside and sold it for the first time.

What Are Fortune Cookies Made Of

Each fortune cookie has at least 20 calories. All you have to do is break the cookie with both your hands and retrieve the paper inside before consuming the cookie. 3 billion fortune cookies are sold every year in the United States. The tasty fortune teller has become a special treat in France, Italy, Britain, and Mexico.

Wonton Food Company is the largest producer of Fortune Cookies in the world. Donald Lau is the only fortune writer hired by the company in the past 30 years. He is also the chief financial officer. 

Famous Fortune Cookie Facts

Do you know that you must eat the entire cookie to have the fortune come true? Next time you see a less fortunate saying make sure to leave a teeny tiny bit on the plate. There are only 15000 fortunes and all of them are unique and good. The bad fortunes are actually good Chinese fortunes lost in translation!

Most fortune cookies have a Chinese saying, an English translation of the same, and even lucky numbers even though they are of Japanese origin. The first cookies were bigger and browner with the fortune slip poking out on the top like Hershey’s kisses to prohibit unintentional consumption. 

The first fortune cookie manufacturing machine was invented in 1964. They are as popular as apple pie, hotdogs, and baseball in the United States.

Are you ready for a fun and fortunate quiz?

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