What Are Some Christmas Traditions in the United States?

Iris | 12 - 07 - 2021
Christmas traditions in the Unites States

Welcome to the month of Christmas. It is time to start your Christmas shopping. But before shopping out for Christmas, get to know about the traditional ways to celebrate Christmas in America. This year celebrate Christmas differently by following our regional Christmas traditions guide. Also, make your day more fun-filled with the help of our “Christmas Traditions in the United States of America” quiz.

 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Traditions In The United States

To drum up Christmas, people from the United States celebrate Christmas in so many ways. In each state, people will follow different Christmas traditions.

  • Hanging Stockings 

A Christmas stocking is an empty sock-shaped bag that will be placed on Christmas trees, chimneys, or any other place inside the house on Christmas Eve. People hardly believe that Santa will fill the stockings with small gifts like candy, toys, coins, or anything the child wishes for. The Christmas stockings are also available in different sizes and colors, especially white, red and green stockings.

What Do Americans Eat on Christmas Day?
  • A. Turkey
  • B. Pizza
  • C. Cranberry Sauce
  • D. None of the Above
  • Cookie for Santa 

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa derived from an older tradition. Families in the United States will stuff stocking with cookies and gifts for Santa. Chocolate chip cookies are the most popular cookies for Christmas.

  • Decorating the Christmas Tree

On average, people spend about $215 on decorations. Some people buy original Christmas trees, and some people buy artificial ones. Decorating the Christmas tree is not an easy task. From finding the garland and Santa to snowflakes and toppings, there are so many different categories in decorations.

  • Carols 

A Christmas carol is a traditional carol that is sung especially on Christmas. On Christmas night, a group of people will sing carols at church and houses. Singing carols outside of the house remains to be a cherished tradition in the United States.

  • Gingerbread House 

Making a gingerbread house is a famous Christmas tradition that has been followed by every household. These gingerbread houses are typically made before Christmas by using a piece of gingerbread and candies for decorating the rooftop. This tradition is mostly followed by children.

  • Secret Santa 

Secret Santa is one of the most famous traditions that has been followed everywhere. Secret Santa is a group of Christmas revelers who get together for Christmas and agree to buy gifts for a random person in that group. In that way, no one has to buy a gift for every person and every individual will receive a gift. 

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