What Are Some Fun Facts about National 7-Eleven Day?

Eliza | 06 - 18 - 2023
National 7-Eleven Day

7-Eleven is a multinational chain of stores with its headquarters in Texas, U.S. The National 7/11 Day is celebrated on the 11th of July every year in the U.S. It is also called “Free Slurpee Day,” the reason for which will be discussed in this blog. We will also understand why this day is so special. 

So, let’s begin right now!

Fun Facts about National 7/11 Day

  • The 7-Eleven outlets were initially known as “Tote’m Stores.” Do you know why? Because customers could “tote” or “carry away” their purchases conveniently! Later, “Tote’m Stores” became “7-Eleven.”
  • In 2002, the celebrations of National 7-Eleven Day began on the store’s 75th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, 7-Eleven stores began distributing “Slurpees” free of cost. A “Slurpee” is a beverage that is available in several different flavors at all 7-Eleven stores. 
  • Slurpees were born out of an accidental discovery! Omar S. Knedlik, the American inventor and businessman, was its discoverer.
  • Knedlik did not possess a soda fountain for some time. So, he started serving semi-frozen bottled drinks to his customers. These slushy drinks were thoroughly enjoyed by the customers, who made the drinks pretty popular. Knedlik gave the name “Icee” to the drink. It later became “Slurpee.”
  • The number of free Slurpee drinks (small) that are distributed on NATIONAL 7-ELEVEN DAY is estimated to be 9 million. 
  • 7-Eleven also sells products, such as sandwiches, coffee, baked items, dairy products, fresh fruit, donuts, etc. Moreover, it is involved in product delivery services and financial services.
  • Today, 7-Eleven stores can be found in many countries, such as Indonesia, India, Israel, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Singapore.
  • In 2021, the company ran an ad campaign worth $70 million. This was double its marketing campaigns the previous year.
  • In the “7-Eleven” logo, the last letter is in lowercase. This is to make the logo look more graceful and less aggressive.
  • In 1970, 7-Eleven released a record named, “Dance the Slurp.” It went on to become highly popular.

National 7-Eleven Day 2020: History and Significance

By now, you would have understood the 7/11 date significance. However, in 2020, 7-Eleven announced that it was canceling Free Slurpee Day owing to the pandemic. It also canceled many other events associated with the special day.

7-Eleven’s headquarters is in Texas.
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  • B. False

Wrapping Up

You have now learned what happens on 7/11 day. Celebrate this day with your friends and family, and don’t forget to get those free Slurpees!

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