What Are the 10 Secrets about the Egyptian Pyramids?

Elmira | 02 - 14 - 2020
What Are the 10 Secrets about the Egyptian Pyramids

10 Secrets about the Egyptian Pyramids:

The great pyramids are the ancient world’s greatest mysteries. The fascinating Egyptian Pyramids have several secrets. Let’s get started!

What is so mysterious about the pyramids? Scroll down to unlock secrets one by one! Are you ready?

10. They Shine like Diamonds

During construction, these ancient pyramids were erected with a well-polished casing of limestones. People could see the sparkling pyramids like a diamond in the day. They are visible though they are far away.

1. What Is the Largest Pyramid Built by the Egyptians?
  • A. Djoser
  • B. Khafre
  • C. Giza
  • D. Snofru

9. Build with Paid Employees

Shun the delusion that these ancient pyramids were built by slaves. Whoever worked to build this architectural masterpiece was honored with wages and Egyptian employees were from the poor class.

8. Egyptian Pyramids Were Built to Preserve Tombs

 If you look for another pyramid secret, here you go. Egyptians believed in life after death. So the purpose of building pyramids was for tombs of pharaohs and other less significant community who had a small pyramid called monas. The pyramids which were below the main pyramids were for those who were known by their kings.

7. 100,000 Laborers

These magnificent pyramids were built by 100,000 workers. They appeared in the world’s tallest manmade structure for 3871 years. Surprisingly, the weight of these ancient pyramids is 6 million tonnes.

6. Amazing Interior

If you see the interior of these ancient pyramids, they were amazingly built. They have a constant temperature of 20 C inside because they made with thick walls.

5. Perfect Geometry

Khufu is not the highest pyramid ever built but has a complicated inner structure Architects followed Pythagoras theorem (the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides) to built the king’s chamber.

4. Mysterious Tunnels and Boxes

One more pyramid secrets to be revealed, Egyptian engineers showed they were so intelligent in building technology. The Giza pyramid has mysterious tunnels and boxes that weighed around 100 tonnes.

3. Robbery in Pyramids

Another interesting secret of the pyramid is, the Egyptians have the custom of burying pharaohs with their wealth such as jewelry, and clothes, gold, etc put in the coffin with the mummies. As time passed what the next ruler or king did was, he destroyed the tombs and stole all the treasures. But the fact is pyramids were so strong if you see the Giza pyramid it could not be destroyed easily. Some of the evidence clearly stated that they failed to break the tombs from The Giza.

2. Pyramids Face Due North

Isn’t it fascinating how advanced the Egyptians were in this field? The ancient pyramids were accurately pointed to the north; the pole star was located above the pyramid. The Khufu pyramid meets exactly with just a 3/60th degree of error.

1. They Took 23 Years for the Construction

Engineers and workers have built these amazing pyramids that took 23 years to finish the construction.

We have learned a few mysterious secrets. Yet we have no clue how they pulled off these masterpieces! These ancient Egyptian pyramids are mysteriously marvelous! Aren’t they?

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