What Are the Most-Watched Sports of 2019?

Eliza | 17 - 02 - 2020
What Are the Most-Watched Sports of 2019?

There are many high profile sports in the world and each of them is popular in their country. No sports are equal to the other, some are played for leisure and some as professional. If you are a sports lover, have a look at this blog and get to know about the most viewed sports. Let’s have a look at the most-watched sports of 2019. 

Most-Watched Sports of 2019



Passion is the one thing that drags people into a sport. Most people watch football because of the passion the sports makes them feel. Currently, football has around 4 billion viewers from all around the world and you will see a football fan everywhere you go. There are many fans for this sport because all you need to play this game is two teams and some passion in your heart. 



Cricket is a non-contact game and is a very challenging one. It is the second most played sport in the world with 2.5 billion viewers and fans. Cricket World cup games occur every four years and IPL occurs every year, these are truly considered as expensive global events. It is successful mainly in Australia, England, and India. 

1. How Many Players Are on Each Side of the Net in Beach Volleyball?
  • A. 6
  • B. 2
  • C. 10
  • D. 4

Field Hockey 

Field Hockey 

Field Hockey is the third most-watched sports in the world with around 2 billion fans and viewers. In Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and in some other English countries Hockey is more popular. To play this dedicated sport all you need is a well-shaped bat and a small ball. 



Power, flexibility, endurance and mental tenacity are seen in all the players of tennis. This sport has around 1 billion viewers. Most of the players come from Australia and professional tennis players are mostly millionaires or even billionaires.



There are two main kinds of Volleyball played in the world- Team Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. Where there is a beach there will be a game of Volleyball. This game requires physical strength and an active body. It has around 900 million fans around the world. There are many different types in this game like Shooting Volleyball, Footbag net, Newcomb ball, Footvolley, Sitting volleyball, Traditional Volleyball and more. 

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