Weird Laws in Tennessee that are still exist

Julia | 12 - 10 - 2021
Weird Laws in Tennessee

You can find the list of strange and weird laws in Tennessee law books that were passed by the government. Except for those who handle the laws, nobody is aware of the weird Tennessee laws. The reason behind those crazy laws in Tennessee is due to the specific case that set a common law precedent from that point of view. And, among them, there are some outdated, old-fashioned laws, and funny laws in Tennessee. Go through our blog to discover 

Top 6 Weird Laws in Tennessee

  • Roadkill is illegal

According to Tennessee Code 70-4-115, except for non-game and federally protected wildlife species, accidentally killed by a motor vehicle to be possessed for personal use and consumption.

  • Smuggling skunks across state lines is illegal

If you are looking to take a skunk on a visit to Tennessee then you might end up being punished. According to a 2010 Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency code, it is “unlawful for any person to import, possess, or cause to be imported into this state any type of live skunk, or to sell, barter, exchange or otherwise transfer any live skunk.” But, it is exceptional if it has some zoological parks and research institutions.

Is It Illegal to Spit on the Sidewalk in Tennessee?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No
  • Fortunetelling

It is illegal to advertise fortune-telling in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you break this law, based on Sec. 19-186, the City of Knoxville will hand you a $144.50 dollar fine.

  • Using a lasso to catch a fish

We all know Tennessee is a great place to catch fish. But don’t just plan on using a lasso to catch a fish. Even though Tennessee. Code Ann. § 70-4-104 doesn’t specifically mention using a lasso as a crime; it is banned completely. So, you can only use a rod, reel, and hook to fish.

  • A giraffe can be kept as a pet 

In Tennessee, Some species are prohibited to be kept as pets. But in an exceptional case, you require a TWRA permit to keep some pets. Among those approved pets, giraffes are also included. 

  • Spitting on the Sidewalk

Lexington is a small town in West Tennessee, where it’s illegal to spit on sidewalks. And, it is also illegal to eat ice cream on the sidewalk. It seems like this small town is very cautious in keeping its sidewalks clean.

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