Which Countries Have Held the Olympics That No Longer Exist?

Elmira | 05 - 31 - 2021

Hosting the Olympic games is considered a prestigious and reputable activity. Some countries shut down the doors for the Olympic games. We have put together a list of countries that hosted the Olympics that no longer exist. Let’s have a look.

Which countries have never hosted an Olympics?

The Soviet Union, 1956–88.

East Germany, 1968–88

Which Country Hosted the Winter Olympics but Is It Not a Country?
  • A. Bohemia
  • B. Russia
  • C. France
  • D. Yugoslavia

West Germany, 1968–88

Czechoslovakia, 1920–92

Yugoslavia, 1920–88

Bohemia, 1908–12

The United Arab Republic, 1960

  • West Germany hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich
  • The 1980 Summer Olympics took place in Moscow, USSR.
  • The 1984 Olympics took place in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
  • The 1984 Winter Games were held by the former Yugoslavia in Sarajevo.

Soviet Union 

The Soviet Union aka USSR hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Soviet Union denied 1948 Olympics due to lack of recognized Olympic Committee.


Yugoslavia banned from international events due to 1992 Balkan War involvement, preventing participation in Olympic events.


German hosted 1916 and 1940 Winter Olympics, but World Wars cancelled them, and the country was banned in 1920, 1924, and 1948.


Bohemia was known as the autonomous part of Austria-Hungary until 1918. The country took part in some of the early Olympic games. The team played its first game in the 1900 Summer Olympics. After World War I. The country became a part of Czechoslovakia and represented Czechoslovakia at the Olympics. Bohemia did not participate in three Olympics: the inaugural 1896 Summer Olympics, the 1904 Summer Olympics.

United Arab Republic

The United Arab Republic took part in the 1960 Summer Olympics held in Rome, Italy. In 1960, Syria was part of the United Arab Republic. Seventy-four teams took part in Egypt. 

Countries Banned from Olympics

Five countries were not permitted to take part in the Olympics because of their involvement in World War I. This includes Bulgaria, Austria, Turkey, Hungary and Germany.

The Major Reasons 

Hosting the games has changed from sports events to trying to promote their own country’s culture and fame.

Despite using the existing resources, they began to build new facilities.

Some countries quit hosting the Olympics because it is expensive. It requires all the arrangements to execute the proper setups for the sports events including housing for all of the athletes. Some countries spend a lot of money to provide facilities that can not be used once the competitions are over.

The fun part is many countries like to present uniquely.

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