What Does It Mean When You Get Butterflies in Your Stomach?

Eliza | 05 - 08 - 2021
Butterflies in Your Stomach

Have you ever experienced those “butterflies in your stomach” moments? This feeling not only happens when you see your crush, but it can also happen if you’re getting ready for a presentation, exam, job interview, or even before jumping into the cold water.“Butterflies in the stomach” is an idiomatic expression to say ‘I feel very nervous’ and something is about to happen. Many of us would have experienced this “butterflies” feeling and it not only anticipates a good or exciting feeling but also an awkward and dangerous feeling. Did you know what causes butterflies in your stomach and the scientific reason behind this tickling sensation. 

Scientific Reasons Behind Butterflies in the Stomach 

“Butterflies in the stomach” is not just an idiomatic expression but also has scientific reasons behind it. The fluttering sensation is a result of chemical reactions going through the body. Brain health and gut health are closely related to each other. Research even says gastrointestinal as the second brain because the gut is responsible for behavioral treatments. When you feel nervous or anxious, the brain communicates with the gut and erupts all the butterflies.  

The butterflies in the stomach are closely related to “fight-or-flight” and “rest-and-digest.” The fight-or-flight is responsible for increasing heart rate and rest-and-digest controls your body and helps to decrease it. This makes our heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure increase which eventually cause fluttering and tickling sensation in the stomach. 

What Causes Butterflies in the Stomach? Stress
  • A. Stress
  • B. Love
  • C. Abdominal Problem
  • D. None of the above

Are Butterflies in the Stomach a Sign of Love?

Researchers say butterflies in the stomach can be a symptom of love because your feet might get tingly, your legs might start to tremble, your heart starts to beat very fast and you might even sweat. All these symptoms can be associated with good, exciting, and inciting feelings and it is said to be a common symptom of love. Because if you love someone, nervousness and stress can trigger the release of stress hormones which causes tickling “butterflies in the stomach.” But one should remember all these symptoms are not particularly associated with love but also other emotions and also the butterflies are just chemicals released from your brain.

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