What Does the Arrow Next to a Gas Pump Mean?

Elmira | 02 - 25 - 2021
Arrow on the gas gauge

Raise your hand if you never noticed a tiny arrow next to the fuel pump icon on the car’s gas gauge. It is for you to figure out the fuel cap’s location.

Here’s What That Arrow Next to a Gas Pump Means

The tiny symbol for a dashboard that you might have ignored may look like an arrow or triangle close to a gas gauge. It shows which side of the car has a gas tank or fuel filler. In the car, the arrow can point either left or right.

It is a helpful feature, particularly if you rent a car or find it complicated to discover the fuel filler. It is handy to day-to-day life, especially to those who can never identify this tiny information when they go to the gas station.

What Does a Gas Pump Emoji Mean?
  • A. It Needs Gas
  • B. Car repaired
  • C. Gas is full
  • D. None of the Above

As reported by Slate, the arrow has been introduced in most cars since 2010. Maurice Durand, an engineer of Toyota, said that the side pump icon used to have the hose to indicate what side of the vehicle has the fuel cap in the older cars. Many people weren’t aware of this arrow.

Gas Pump Icon on Old Cars

Older cars have a gas pump icon created near the gas gauge. According to AutoGuide.Com, there is no relationship between the gas pump indicator and the gas cap’s location on the car. Some cars have a hose on the gas pump indicator, which is located on the same side of the car as the gas cap. But this may vary in some cars.

If you ever get confused about fuel filler when you drive a new car, you can figure it out by looking for a triangle-shaped arrow.


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