What Happens If a Person Goes into a Black Hole?

Elmira | 07 - 10 - 2020
What Happens If a Person Goes into a Black Hole

What happens when you enter a black hole? You might die instantly or your fate will be stranger than that.

It can happen to anybody. You may try to discover new planets of the human race, or you are walking into the streets and you fall. Whatever circumstances. Has this question ever occurred in your mind, ‘what happens if a person goes into a black hole?’ You may get torn to pieces or get squeezed. In reality, it is stranger than that.

What Is a Black Hole?

A black hole is a place in space where gravity is so strong that even light can’t enter.

1. How Does a Black Hole Form?
  • A. When Meteorites crushes
  • B. Due to Sun
  • C. When Star explodes
  • D. None of the above

If any objects enter into a black hole, they can be crushed into tiny pieces. Humans can’t observe black holes. A black hole is nothing but an ultimate mass. It is so massive, so strong and so compact. Nobody can escape once they fall in. Even the speed of light can’t escape.

What Happens in a Black Hole?

The moment you enter the black hole,  reality will be divided into two. In one, you will be incinerated and in another, you will plunge into a black hole without any harm.

When you get close to a black hole,  you feel something strange, as if a strong force is pulling your body. If your feet are closer to the horizon than your head, the body feels a stretching from head to toe and you will be compressed by a massive force much stronger than on Earth. Astrophysics has given a term for this process called ‘black hole spaghettification’. Tidal forces cause the bulge to the ocean on our planet.

Elements such as dust, stars, and planets enter into invisible barriers called horizons to get crushed and if they go beyond, you can guess what will happen. Even if you decide to go deeper into the black hole you will be the first human to discover the mystery of what is inside a black hole!

Mind-Blowing Facts about Black Hole

  • Blackhole pulls the space around them.
  • They generate incredible energy than the sun.
  • Blackhole slows downtime.
  • They evaporate over time.
  • Scientists say that the black hole in the center of the galaxy has 4 million masses when compared to the sun.
  • V616 Monocerotis is the nearest black hole to Earth.
  • Blackhole wraps space and time.
  • It grows in density and size throughout life.

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