What Is a Grabatologist? Learn the History of Ties

Elmira | 06 - 14 - 2021

A person who likes to collect ties is referred to as a grabatologist. 

Ties are the most important fashion accessories since the 17th century. A tie will help elevate your formal look. It draws respect, embellishes the shirt and makes you more confident. Men look handsome and classy in bow ties. But do you know the interesting facts and history of ties? Find more intriguing facts about grabatologist and ties.

The National Bow Tie Day

What Does a Grabatologist Collect?
  • A. Scarf
  • B. Hat
  • C. Tie
  • D. Gun

National Bow Tie day is observed on August 28th to encourage people to opt for this style of bow tie with panache. From dapper to humorous, you can wear it to match your personality or mood.

During the Prussian wars of the 17th century, the Croatian soldiers introduced the bow tie. Their bow ties contained a scarf which they wore around their neck to hold together the opening of their shirts. They named bow ties cravat, derived from the French meaning ‘coat.’ Later the upper-class people from France borrowed this idea. In the 1950s ties were regularly worn in the courts in France.

With 21,321 ties, Irene Sparks holds the record of collecting the highest number of ties in Oamaru, Otago, New Zealand on July 29th, and 2017. Irene started collecting ties in 2000, she wanted to make quilts from ties. She made 3quilts in 2 years.

Mind-Blowing Facts about Bow Ties and Modern Ties

Some successful people from history and fiction wore bow ties including James Bond, Groucho Marx, Winston Churchill, Jerry Lewis, Orville Redenbacher, Bill Nye, Les Nessman , Indiana Jones, and Donald Duck.

The modern tie was invented by New York designer Jesse Langsdorf in 1926. He was the one who introduced the idea of cutting the tie diagonally to put it together in 3 different parts.

Did you know? There are three types of bow ties that include pre-tied, butterfly tie and clip-on tie.

The most expensive bow tie was a handcrafted two-piece which was made with 18-carat white gold and 8 carats white and black diamonds, estimated at $ 36,000.

Iran was known for banning the sale of bow ties along with traditional ties in the region of Gilan following the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Earlier, ties were manufactured as men’s accessories until recently women celebrities embraced this style. Hence, bow ties became unisex fashion accessories.

Famous brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Playboy, and Pringles have bowties in their logos.

The best quality silk tie is made with around 110 silkworm cocoons.

Did you know? 78 percent of men prefer the pre-tied option and the rest like the self-tied style which is also interpreted as “convenience over style”.

Men from Mississippi wear bow ties more than any other US state.

Americans spend around $1 billion to buy 100 million ties in a year.

Surprisingly, there are 177,147 various ways to tie a necktie.

The largest and biggest tie company is located in Shengzhou, China.

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