What Is the Fastest Professional Boxing Knockout in Boxing History?

Maithily Arulraja | 10 - 04 - 2020

Golden Gloves Tournament at Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA is the fastest professional boxing knockout recorded to date. Happened on 4th November 1974, the contest was stopped 4 seconds after the bell when Mike Collins floored Pat Brownson in his first punch.

Top 10 Fastest Professional Boxing Knockout in Boxing History

Phil Williams and Brandon Burke (10 Seconds)

The fight stopped exactly after 10 seconds. Brandon wearing questionable shorts was floored when he walked into a right hand.

Al Couture and Ralph Walton (10.5 Seconds)

The match was over in 10.5 seconds while Al Couture flattened Ralph who was distracted by the coach for not wearing a gumshield.

1. What Was the Fastest Knockout in Boxing History?
  • A. Mike Collins and Pat Brownson
  • B. Phil Williams and Brandon Burke
  • C. Naseem Hamed and Said Lawal
  • D. Mike Tyson and Marvis Frazier

Daniel Jimenez and Harald Geier (17 Seconds)

Daniel Jimenez won the World Boxing Organization (WBO) super bantamweight title from Harald Geier within 17 seconds and made it in the Guinness Book of Records to be the fastest professional boxing knockout.

David Tua and John Ruiz (19 Seconds)

The unbeaten David knocked John Ruiz in 19 seconds with a series of knocks and hooks.

Chris Eubank and Reginaldo Dos Santos (20 Seconds)

Chris smashed his opponent Reginaldo in 20 seconds.

Gerald McClellan and Jay Bell (20 Seconds)

Gerald registered his fastest win with a body shot in 20 seconds. This was followed by his win over Julian Jackson.

Bernard Hopkins and Steve Frank (24 Seconds)

Bernard Hopkins played his first defense International Boxing Federation (IBF) to stop Steve Frank in a three-punch combo in just 24 seconds.

Mike Tyson and Marvis Frazier (30 Seconds)

Mike Tyson floored Marvis Frazier with a left uppercut that prompted for referee’s intervention. This was one of the fastest knockouts in just 30 seconds.

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam and Daisuke Naito (34 Seconds)

One of the fastest knockouts in flyweight champion history. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam defeated his opponent Daisuke Naito in 34 seconds.

Naseem Hamed and Said Lawal (35 Seconds)

Naseem floored Said Lawal in 35 seconds to defend his WBO featherweight title.

The best conclusion in boxing is the knockout punch. For every boxer, a knockout is the ultimate kind of victory. For the opponent receiving it, the indignity is painful than the punch itself. For spectators, a knockout is the climax of every fight!

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