When Did the California Grizzly Bear Go Extinct?

Emma | 07 - 24 - 2020
When Did the California Grizzly Bear Go Extinct

When Did the California Grizzly Bear Go Extinct?

Ursus arctos californicus is the Spanish name for Grizzly bears in California. They weighed around 2,000 pounds and were at the height of 8 feet. They ate everything in their sight from grasses, roots, nuts, acorns, and berries, to animals such as deer, fish, carrion, and also beached whale carcasses. In the early to mid 1800’s there were more than 10,000 grizzly bears roaming freely across the state.

In 1846, the government of California added the grizzly bear in the center of their state flag which is also known as the bear flag as it portrays strength and in 1953 it was labeled as the official state animal because it once was abundant in their state and also for it’s unyielding character.

After the arrival of Europeans the population of California increased drastically. The residents were threatened by the giant grizzlies roaming the Californian state. They were terrified for their ability to stand their ground and chase away the attackers.

1. When Did Grizzly Bears Go Extinct in California?
  • A. 1924
  • B. 1820
  • C. 1840
  • D. 1930

The Vaqueros (the cowboys) started hunting them down one by one and later destroyed their habitat by mining, oil and gas drilling, logging and property development. After a while the people of California started hunting them for bloodsports like bear-baiting alongside bull and bear fighting. Eventually the grizzlies were threatened with extinction.

Last Grizzly Bear in California

In August 1922 in Fresno County the last grizzly bear in California was shot to death and after two years in Sequoia National Park a grizzly was reportedly sighted. Now it has been more than a century since the grizzlies which roamed between the Pacific Ocean and the Great Plains were last seen in the state.

But Professor Peter Alagona, from University of California said “Reintroduction is possible,” he says “Absolutely possible.” So if you ask ‘Is the California grizzly bear extinct’? – There are chances that grizzlies might return to California.

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