When Were the Olympics Postponed?

Ashley | 02 - 23 - 2024

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics was postponed to 2021 due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic but how many times has this happened? Find out when the Olympics were postponed or canceled below.

Will the Olympics Be Cancelled?

The Olympics was on the verge of cancelation amidst the crisis but the Tokyo 2021 Olympics became the first-ever Olympic game that was held after being rescheduled. The Tokyo Olympics was postponed from 24th July 2020 to 23rd July 2021 in March 2020.

What Years Were the Olympics Cancelled?

The Olympics has been canceled thrice, once during World War Ⅰ in 1916 and twice during World War Ⅱ in 1940, 1940.  

Which City Has Postponed the Olympics Twice?
  • A. Tokyo
  • B. Taiwan
  • C. Russia
  • D. All of the Above

The Olympics during WW1

The 1916 Summer Olympics was scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany. Germany won the bid to host this Olympics in 1912. This was the first time the Olympics was canceled in its 20 years and Berlin got the chance to host one 20 years later in 1936. 

The Olympics during WW2

Tokyo won the bid to host the 1940 Olympics becoming the first Asian city to win the Olympics bid. The 1940 game was rescheduled and handed over to Helsinki, Finland following the Japanese invasion of China.

The rescheduled Olympics was canceled due to the onset of war and London was chosen to host the 1944 Olympics in 1939. This too was canceled due to the prolongation of the war. London went on to host the 1948 Olympics. 

How Many Times Have the Olympics Been Boycotted?

The Olympics has been boycotted by several countries due to political reasons. 

  • Host City: Melbourn, 1956

Boycotting Countries: China, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland

Reason: Taiwan breaking away, Suez Canal crisis, Hungarian Revolution

  • Host City: Tokyo, 1964

Boycotting Countries: China, North Korea, and Indonesia

Reason: Jakarta Games

  • Host City: Montreal, 1976

Boycotting Countries: Many African countries and Taiwan

Reason: Apartheid and Republic of China

  • Host City: Moscow, 1980

Boycotting Countries: The United States led 65 countries to boycott

Reason: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

  • Host City: Los Angeles, 1984

Boycotting Countries: The Soviet Union led 14 countries to boycott and East Germany

Reason: In retaliation for the previous boycott.

  • Host City: Seoul,1988

Boycotting Countries: Cuba, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and North Korea

Reason: For not being allowed to Co-host the games.

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