Where Was the World’s First Subway Built?

Elmira | 02 - 26 - 2020
Where Was the World’s First Subway Built

World’s First Subway Built :

The London Underground was the world’s first underground railway system. It was inaugurated in 1863.

 The first subway construction has begun in the 19th century. Around 178 systems with an average of 168 million passengers are using it daily.

World’s Oldest Metro Systems 

The first subway opened and was running between Paddington and Farrington Street. Now they are part of the circle line. In the first 6 months, 60,000 passengers started using the line.

1. Which of the Following Is the Longest Railway Tunnel in the World?
  • A. Seikan Tunnel
  • B. Yulhyeon Tunnel  
  • C. Gotthard Base Tunnel
  • D. All of the Above

 In 1863, UK’s London Underground constructed to serve locomotive trains. In 1890, this system was the world’s first metro system which commenced to run trains on its deep-level tube lines.

 The rapid transit system was the 3rd longest metro system; stretching 402 km with 270 stations across 11 lines. The main city centers run underground making up 45% of the network.

This system manages 5 million travelers daily and 450 trains running in the network at rush hours. Later it underwent expansions and upgrades since the day it was first inaugurated.

 The London Underground was operated and managed by London Underground Limited (LUL) which completely took over the subsidiary of Transport for London (TfL), and the statutory corporation is taking care of the transport network in the London region.

 But the tube lines belonged to different private companies till 1993. After that, the London Passenger Transport Board was implemented to manage the process. In 1984 the complete authority of London Underground was handed over to London Regional Transport in 1984.

Interesting Facts about the First Subway

  • The London Underground has many nicknames such as The Underground, the Tube, the Metropolitan, or “Met.”
  • The first underground train runs on steam.
  • It is one of the world’s greatest transit systems.
  • The world’s first public escalators were installed.
  • Two people had their funeral processions in the underground.
  • Babies were born underground.
  • This underground was a haven during World War II.

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