Which Countries Celebrate Christmas in July?

Elmira | 12 - 10 - 2020
Which Countries Celebrate Christmas

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, and the USA celebrate Christmas in July.

What is Christmas in July? Christmas in summer or Christmas in July is observed as the second Christmas celebration in many countries. It seems unusual to celebrate Christmas in summer. But it exists; it is a day to enjoy eating, shopping, and party together in some nations. But it is not an official holiday. People find it a great chance to host Christmas-themed parties, music, entertainment, and Christmas shopping.

The phrase ‘Christmas in July’ introduced in countries that are part of the southern hemisphere including New Zealand and South Africa. In Italy, the Summer Christmas celebration was introduced on June 25 every year.

When Is Christmas in July?
  • A. June 25
  • B. August 25
  • C. December 25
  • D. July 25

Who celebrates Christmas in July?

The idea of celebrating Christmas in July was for people who live in the southern hemispheres to bring the atmosphere of a typical white Christmas and also to have a winter feel.

Christmas in July – Australia

The tradition of celebrating Christmas in July was started due to cold weather. It also gives them a chance to eat all the delicious Christmas cuisine and wear Christmas apparel as they see on television.


In the UK, July is the warmest month. People celebrate by sharing ice cream with Santa. You may find decorated shops, nightclub events even can enjoy Christmas pudding, and restaurants offer special meals during July.

New Zealand

New Zealand also observes Christmas in July to enjoy the showy mountain ranges and watch the Hallmark Christmas movie. The country will have ticketed functions, events, and festivals.

South Africa

Unlike other nations, in South Africa, some cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town celebrate Christmas in July. The festival includes throwing events, and parties. Several people visit the Countryside Mountains for snowy Christmas festivals.


In the United States, shopping malls also promote the Christmas festival in July and advertise Christmas sales. As a part of the northern hemisphere, celebrating Christmas in July is a better excuse for Americans to take a break in summer. They have their own mixture of Christmas foods, a barbecue, and beverages.


How did Christmas in July start?

Werther was a French Opera with the libretto, written in 1892 by Édouard Blau, Paul Milliet, and Georges Hartmann. Its translation version was published in 1894 by Elizabeth Beall Ginty. In the story, a group of children practices a Christmas song in July and one person replies, “When you sing Christmas in July, you rush the season.” The opera is obtained from Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther. In the book, Christmas is featured but July is not.

In 1935, a Journal named Recreation by the National Recreation Association expressed that celebrating Christmas in July was like a girl’s camp and wrote: “all mystery and wonder surround this annual event.”

The comedy movie Christmas in July was released in 1940 in which a man is tricked into believing that he won $25,000 in the slogan competition. Hence he purchases gifts for his loved ones.

The Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. celebrated its first Christmas in July 1942.

In 1950, the United States began advertising themes of Christmas in July and even started summer sales. In many US states, this celebration was used for marketing purposes rather than observing as an actual holiday.

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