Which Countries Have Never Been to War?

Elmira | 10 - 13 - 2023
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Switzerland, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Liechtenstein, and New Zealand are countries in the world that have been at war at all. These are nations that are recognized for their almost having never been involved in wars. As the world is getting less peaceful every year, there are countries that still want to maintain peace internally and don’t want to be involved in foreign wars.

Countries That Have Never Been to War?

The following Countries Without a History of War have had the least war records. If you are curious to discover how these nations managed to stay out of wars for centuries, read on to find out!


Switzerland’s long history of peace and neutrality, following the oldest military neutrality policy, has made it a prominent global peacemaker. The country maintains an active foreign system.

What Country Has Never Been Invaded?
  • A. Japan
  • B. Liechtenstein
  • C. Vatican City
  • D. South Africa

The country never sent armies into action and preferred safety instead of being involved in war. The last was the Sonderbund War. It was a civil war that happened in 1847 that recorded less than 150 deaths and around 500, soldiers injured.


Sweden beats Switzerland for not actively taking part in wars since 1814. Nation acknowledges 200-year war absence. Sweden provided troops to the UN for peacekeeping operations and also has a flourishing arms industry and active military. Swedish statement work with international governments to support world peace.


Liechtenstein never participated in World War I and still claims neutrality. In 1868 they declared to end their military due to budgetary purposes. In 1866, it never fought a war since it became independent from the German Confederation. Like Switzerland, Liechtenstein wanted to protect their country from fighting during World Wars.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica abolished its 1949 military force. Oscar Arias Sanchez, the former president stated,

“Military solutions to conflicts should be the last, last resort,”

 “Negotiating tables resolve conflicts.”

Costa Rica has never partaken in a civil war since 1948 and remains the world’s most peaceful country. The United Nations built the University for Peace in the city of Ciudad Colón because of its conflict-free nature. The last war of the country was the Costa Rican Civil War.

New Zealand

The spectacular country also made it on the list because the country has successfully maintained harmony throughout history. The Nation organizes many peacemaking missions to settle military disputes abroad. New Zealand has minimal bloodshed and active military force for border protection.

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