Which Is the Right Side to Use Aluminum Foil, Shiny, or Dull Side?

Emma | 11 - 01 - 2023
why is one side of aluminum foil shiny

Have You Wondered Why Aluminum Foil Has a Shiny and Dull Side?

Aluminum foil has two different sides: a shiny and dull side because of its manufacturing process called milling. In this milling process, two different layers of foil are pressed together in which the sides that contact each other become matte and the exterior part becomes bright this is the reason for aluminum foil shiny side or dull side.

Which Side of Aluminum Foil to Use?

Since aluminum foil has two sides, people often get confused about which side of aluminum foil to use, you can use whichever side you like. Both shiny and dull sides give you the same effect. Whether it is for cooking or freezing you can use any of its sides. Some studies say that the dull side is the correct side to use because the shiny side reflects heat and the dull side is a better conductor of heat.

Which Side of the Aluminum Foil Is Non Stick?

Both sides of the aluminum foil give you the same benefits but if you’re using non-stick aluminum foil you have to use the dull side because that is the only side that is given non stick coating during milling. 

________ of Aluminum Foil Needed to Protect One Litre of Milk for Months without Cooling?
  • A. 1.5 grams
  • B. 2.5 grams
  • C. 3.5 grams
  • D. 4.5 grams

How to Use Foil

There are various purposes for Aluminum foil but we generally use it to store food. If your someone who uses it just to store food here are some simple ideas and hacks to use in other ways.

  • As a dish scrubber
  • Helps to sharpen your scissors
  • It can polish your silverware
  • Soften hard sugar
  • Substitute for funnel
  • Can help your iron done faster
  • DIY cookie cutter
  • Helps to curl up your hair
  • You can steal plastic bags using iron
  • Helps to keep your bananas fresh

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