Which Perfume House Did Madonna Advertise in the Late 1990s?

Elmira | 03 - 17 - 2020
Which Perfume House Did Madonna Advertise in the Late 1990s

Max Factor was the perfume house that hired the pop diva Madonna to advertise in the late 1990s. Madonna did sign up for the contract to promote its new Max Factor Gold cosmetics line.

Why Is Madonna a Perfect for Max Factor?

Madonna remains an incredibly powerful depiction of strong womanhood!

The queen of pop has taken the cosmetic industry to new heights with an awesome advertisement where she promotes the company’s popular famous pancake and pan stick. While doing so she impersonated celebrities like Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, and Elizabeth Taylor who promoted their beauty products.

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Do you know? The Max Factor can spend $20 million to market and advertise one bottle of perfume. Max Factor proves that advertisement requires a perfect face that fits the fragrance.

Max factor found its flawless beauty, Madonna and she’s the perfect woman who is workaholic, independent, self-minded and also picked make-up to represent her chameleon personality.

Madonna’s Fame

The former editor of the women’s journal Frank, Tina Gaudoin states how some stars perfectly blend lipstick and power in makeup, “I think it is really clever of Max Factor that they have used her regardless of the fact that she is 40. She has the ability to constantly reinvent herself.

Make-up is 50 percent inspirational and 50 percent aspirational and Madonna gets that. They could have used someone who was much more beautiful.”

Max Factor exposes its choice to add her new and stricter pose.  “She’s 40. She’s got a child. She was once wild. She’s going a bit straight. Is that how Max Factor sees themselves, that they’ve got to settle down? It sounds like they want to be a bit stale and a bit glamorous. A bit like the estate car in every car manufacturer’s range.”

Vogue health and beauty executive Kathy Phillips remarks,

“Madonna herself is interesting. It’s an interesting thing to take somebody as strong as that. I presume it’s to do with Max Factor renewing their Hollywood tradition, it echoes their history. The way nowadays to be successful is to have your niche and they are right to go back to their roots.”

Madonna’s ads are an inspiration to older women. Apart from modeling in ads, she is the most popular solo artist and known as the “Queen of Pop” Madonna’s fashion brands are M by Madonna, 2 MDG, Material Girl, Truth or Dare, 5 MDNA Skin.

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