Why Are Koala Fingerprints the Same as Humans?

Eliza | 01 - 12 - 2022

Are Koala Fingerprints the Same as Humans:

Humans possess many unique characters, but we also share many traits with animals. From hair growing on the skin to feeding their offspring, humans and animals share many similarities. Because of some of the same distinctive features, humans are also considered mammals. Kolas. No, not only do monkeys have more similarities but surprisingly koalas share the same fingerprints like humans. The fingerprint of the tree-hugging creature is similar to the humans in pattern, shape, and size.   

While police are testing the fingerprints of six chimpanzees and two orangutans a new animal comes under suspicion, koalas. Chimpanzees and orangutans are our closest relatives, but how do koala bear and human fingerprints identical?

Koala Fingerprints vs Human

Koalas’ fingerprints are virtually indistinguishable from human fingerprints. The primary function of fingerprints is still in debate. The reason why Koalas have the same fingerprints as humans is unknown. But, researchers say fingerprints’ main purpose is to grip objects by creating friction. Fingerprints also increase touch sensitivity, and each human has individual fingerprints. Just like human fingerprints are unique to every individual, koalas’ fingerprints have a unique pattern.

More Than Chimpanzees, Koalas' Fingerprints Are More Like Human Fingerprints.
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Both sexes and all ages of koalas have fingerprints. They have fine motor skills, which require static pressure to climb vertically, hold onto small branches, and swing from branch to branch. When viewed under a microscope, koalas’ fingerprints are almost identical to human fingerprints. Whereas their closest relative, kangaroo, and wombats do not have fingerprints at all. Scientists say that koalas’ fingerprints have evolved independently, and also the features developed much more recently in evolutionary history.

koala fingerprints vs human

Koala fingerprints cover a smaller area than humans. For humans, entire palms and fingers are covered with distinct ridges, but for koalas, only a portion of the koala’s palms and feet have the prints. The other parts of the hands and feet of koalas are covered by a wart-like projection.  

Can someone frame a Koala for crimes?

Absolutely no. A common person can’t tell the difference, but technology can identify the fingerprint of different species. It is difficult for koala print to show up at crime scenes, but fingerprints can create a taint in a crime scene. However, koala fingerprints mistaken for humans have never happened.

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