Why Are Some People More Ticklish than Others?

Leia Smith | 09 - 28 - 2020
Why Are Some People More Ticklish than Others

The science behind how tickling works is fascinating to read. Certain parts of our body like armpits, soles of the feet, neck, and ribs are sensitive to extremely sensitive tickles. That being said, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about tickling.

Why Are People Ticklish?

There are so many theories about why a person is ticklish and the most common belief is that body parts like hands, feet, neck, and ribs are vulnerable to touch and hence, when tickled, respond to it by shying away. And, it’s our brain that responds to the tickle with a laugh. 

Why Are Some People Not Ticklish?

There are several reasons why some people are not ticklish. They might have a less sensitive nervous system or their tickle spots vary from that of yours. There are also chances that the person might be angered by your touch. 

How Many Types of Tickles Are There?
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Is Everyone Ticklish?

As mentioned before, there are several factors that make a person ticklish or not. But, one interesting fact is that babies can respond to a tickle only after 4 months from birth. Similarly, as you age, your responsiveness to tickle gets reduced. 

How to Stop Being Ticklish?

Response to tickle is involuntary. So, it’s quite hard to control your laughter or not shy away when tickled. So, there aren’t too many options out there to be unresponsive to a tickle. There is a theory that suggests placing your hand on the person’s hand that he uses to tickle you. People also say that a person isn’t ticklish when he is angry or sad. 

What Makes You Ticklish?

The nerve cells under your skin sends signals to the hypothalamus of your brain that signals you to feel tickled on touch. More sensitive your nervous system is, the more ticklish you feel.

Why Are Humans Ticklish?

It’s not about just humans. Most of the animals are ticklish as well. Have you noticed your dog feeling tickled when you rub his stomach? Even rats were found to be ticklish when touched. 

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