Why Are These the Most Popular Cakes in the World?

Ashley | 10 - 08 - 2023
Most Popular Cakes

Are you ready to learn some fun and exciting facts about the most popular cakes in the world with a dessert quiz from TriviaSharp?

Most Popular Cakes in the World

Just like waffles and pancakes, cakes should also become a popular breakfast dish rather than hanging around in the desserts column. Popular research has now revealed the most famous cakes in the world based on google search results. 

  • Chocolate cake stands first. The cake is very popular in the Middle-East countries, India, South Africa, Pakistan, and a few of their neighboring countries. (81 Countries to be precise)
  • Red Velvet comes in second because part of the UK, half of South America, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Korea, and Japan are gaga over it. (43 countries to be exact)
  • Coming in third is the carrot cake. Canada, the remaining half of South America, and Britain are head over heels for this flavor.  (22 countries accurately.)
  • Banana cake has wrapped Australia and 7 other countries under its spell and stands fourth in the list. 
  • Last but not the least, the upside-down cake has stolen hearts across the US, and Russia. 

China doesn’t fall anywhere under the above list because they are crazy for mooncakes only. 

Warren’s Bakery Is the Oldest Bakery in the World
  • A. True
  • B. False

World’s Favorite Cake

While the chocolate cake is first on the world’s popular cakes list do you know which chocolate flavors are preferred across the world?

  • Chocolate fudge cake is the most liked chocolate cake on their planet! The main reason behind chocolate fudge cake being famous is because any baker could add their signature style or explore new addons to this cake without spoiling the taste.
  • Mug cake follows next because it is one of the easiest cakes to make at home and anybody with a sweet tooth knows the pain of minding calories and feeding their cravings simultaneously. 
  • Molten or choco lava cake is the third-best chocolate cake in the market because they can be sold in packages just biscuits and chips. These cakes feed the excitement element in fine dining restaurants too. 
  • Truffle and mud cakes are in a neck-to-neck tie. Foodies just can’t afford to choose between the moist truffle and dense mud cakes up until now. 

Cake Trivia 

  • National Cake day is celebrated every year on the 26th of November.
  • Fruit cakes are similar to wine, the older the better.
  • German chocolate cake was actually made in America. George Clay inverted the recipe using Samuel German’s baking chocolate.
  • 11th June is celebrated as National German Chocolate Cake Day in the US.
  • Queen Victoria was not only the first person to invent the all-white dress but she was also the first person to have a wedding cake made of white frosting.
  • Pirates Fantasy is the world’s costliest cake embedded with real gemstones.
  • The modern cake with icing was first made in the mid 17th century in Europe.
  • Egyptians were the first to make the very first cakes in the world.
  • Nabisco’s factory in Chicago is the largest bakery in the world.
  • Warrens Bakery is the oldest bakery in the world.

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