Why Do Bottles Have Long Necks?

Julia | 02 - 26 - 2021

Long neck bottles have been in usage for 100 years. Glass bottles are used worldwide for various reasons. From household usage to liquor manufacturing, it has been used. But have you ever thought about why these bottles have long necks and what is the reason behind them? Get into our blog to discover the reason behind it.

During the early stage, the glass bottles and jars were made by ancient man by the hand, and they went under so many stages of processes. The very first glass bottles were made by southeast Asia around 100 B.C., and the American glass bottles were introduced in the early 1600s.

Usually, glass bottles are made up of various raw materials like silica sand, soda ash, and limestone. If it were about beer bottles, it goes under multiple processes, and they are made up of brown and amber glass with a mixture of iron, sulfur, and carbon. To get a green color,  chrome oxide is mixed. 

What Is the Neck of a Bottle Called?
  • A. Top
  • B. Mouth
  • C. Capsule
  • D. None of the Above

As for all the questions like why do, beer bottles have long necks and why do whiskey bottles have long necks? It all depends on the packaging constraints. These long neck beer bottle designs allow manufacturers and packers to quickly seal off their top with caps by reducing the size of the seal, and they also save the cost of manufacturing. A small seal is stronger than a larger seal. 

Some of the bottles have a long neck that is used for an efficient way of packaging. From manufacturing to packaging, the shape of the bottle plays a vital role in all means. Recently, glass bottles have been through many changes to create a different style to the product. But the long neck feature hasn’t been changed for decades.

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